Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nearing the Beginning

Andrew Piedilato

This painting looks like how I feel right now. I know the gray skies are going to open up to an awesome new horizon but its all a storm of craziness as I near the end of my days here in Portland. I'm trying not to be frantic or emotional while I pack up, and say good byes, but damn it! I'm only human.

The Mississippi street fair was a bust so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Summer Arts on Main venue to be a bit more profitable. I normally am not so profit driven but having a nest egg for Grad school is one of my top priorities.

Good thing; I am super excited about some new jewelry I'm making involving melted plastic flowers. It’s terribly fun to melt things, if only it wasn’t so toxic. Don't worry, I wear a respirator in a ventilated room. Safety first. So if all goes well this weekend "time wise" I might have some pieces ready by my first Wednesday at the Summer Arts Sale.

Highlights; Found an awesome pink pair of eyeglasses, got the 411 that I might be published in Ceramics Monthly, and am going to Lucky Strike tonight to have Dinner with a friend.

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