Monday, May 16, 2011


Amy Casey

I'm a bad blogger. I want to keep a log of my journey and inspirations, but as of late my lifes a marathon making and savin as much cashola as possible for grad school, using my medical insurance like its going out of style and packing for the move... oh yeah I also have a job. I'm looking forward to finishing this can of worms so I can start on something more exciting, GRAD SCHOOL.

The Latest;

The Crafty Wonderland show went fantastic, thanks to the help of my friends and family I pulled it off.

I also want to thank everyone who made it to the show. I am always so grateful and amazed by the charming people who come and support me, like from Seattle! Yikes, what a trip.

But now I am already back to work in the studio, getting ready for my last sales before I head East. Once I know all my show dates for the summer I will post that info, promise!

Also check out my flickr later today or tomorrow for new images of work that was at the show.

Enjoy the images, These artists take my breath away.

Yao Lu

Dwelling in the Mount Fuchun
Series: New Mountain and Water

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