Monday, May 23, 2011


I know! I finally I got some images up on flickr. I meant to post them earlier in the week and awesomely forgot the cd of images at my photographers house. And when I say my photographer, I mean my dear talented Mom.

Now I am back to the grind, making new work for my final sales of the summer. I will post my show calendar soon, I am just waiting to get the green light from a few venues.

Robert Brady

I don't know if I have already posted how much I love Robert's pottery, but I do. If the chance arises to procure one, I will not hesitate. Well unless I can't afford it I suppose. You can see more images of his work at AKAR gallery.


nayanai said...

Hello, your work is so wonderfull!!^^ where can i buy your ceramics and how?
Thank you and good continuation!!^^

Michelle Summers said...


I don't sell on line yet so just keep an eye on my blog and hopefully in a matter of months I will post a link to the site. Thanks for you interest!

nayanai said...

thank you, waiting impatiently!!^^