Thursday, March 17, 2011

Work Plans & Dreams

Wonderful news, I once again will be selling my wares at the Crafty Wonderland Mothers Day sale so mark your calenders for May 7th. All the profits made from the sale are going towards my transportation to grad school. Yeah gotta pay off the last of my newish car while still having enough money for moving costs.

I have spent a lot of this week in the studio making as much work as I can while still being mindful of what I'm making. It my principle to never produce soulless objects for the shear purpose of profit. No matter how much I need the money I don't want that to distract me from whats really important.

Karin Seufert

On another note; I am already pondering my plans for after grad school, long term goals and the things I have always dreamed of doing like travel. I have never been out of the US other than Canada and to travel the world for a year hunting down amazing ceramic art works is something I think about. There is so much beautiful work happening right now that I want to find it, photograph it, interview the artists and perhaps compose book. I mean just look at these amazing pieces that are being created in Europe, they make me swoon especially Karin Seufert..... even though its not made out of ceramic. I want to know more about these people and the things being made outside of the US.

Peter Hogeboom

Marta NAGY

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