Thursday, March 10, 2011

Discover ye Dwelling

I'm experiencing a life high. I got excepted into grad school, found and bought the car I REALLY WANTED, have amazing supportive friends and family and its my birthday this weekend. Yay to getting older..........hummmm.......Yay to being alive!

I had a great time visiting the University of Minnesota, meeting wonderful people and looking at art. I was graciously hosted by artist Jess Hirsch her Boston Terrier named Scout and her charming kitty Walter. I think me and her pets bonded, but it could have just been that I brought them treats. The school was beautiful and the program was different from anything I had ever been exposed to. I have lots to mull over now and am very torn between which school to choose. Ahh choices, but at least I have choices.

Amazing dwellings right! I just discovered Terunobu Fujimori featured in Dwell magazine and was fascinated with his approach to creating his designs. He also carves models of his houses out of solid wood which become fantastic sculptures within themselves. I'm enchanted by these two little tea or meditation houses he makes that look as though they could walk or fly away.

Since about 5 years ago I have been getting more and more focused on the idea of what makes a home, what fills it, how we interact within our spaces and take refuge from the world within a confided space. Where and what will my sanctuary be in a matter of months or years from now?


Jesse Lu said...

Super dooper congratulations on getting into grad school. That must offer you a certain amount of sweet relief. :)

Michelle Summers said...


Its definitely a wight off my mind, and I'm so excited to the move to a new place and start something different. Love your new web banner by the way!

Allison Kruskamp said...

Hi Michelle!

I can't believe I've just discovered your site/work/jottings...thanks to "A Plate a Day". And I really can't believe your blog goes back to 2008. Don't you know I've got a deadline coming up?!

Your work is so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing, Allison