Monday, December 27, 2010

Lots of eggs in the basket

What a season! I thought that after my show ended things would settle down a bit, but that was just a silly notion. I have been a busy busy lady since Crafty Wonderland ended. At least some of it has been fun times spent with family and friends I rarely see, so that’s been a treat.

On the right are pots waiting patiently to be glazed.

I want dearly to glaze the last of my work and perhaps have a studio sale or finally reopen my etsy store before the end of January but I have to finish all the things I put on hold for months and months......and months! Once all that is done I can start the New Year with a fresh start.

So about the show! I have to say the Crafty Wonderland show was a big success! I met so many amazing people and had the best time chatting and exchanging stories. I was also a little loopy from the mussel relaxers for my back so that might have had a little bit to do with it.

Not a very good picture but one of my "finished" little paintings.

My flickr has been updated with more images so make sure to take a look. A lot of cups (because I love cups) and a few other things.
My goal is to finish some paintings and drawings this winter, as I want to make one of my dreams of having a coffee shop show come to fruition. I know it’s kinda silly but I really want someone to drink some coffee and relax with my work.

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