Monday, October 4, 2010

Sicko Couch Potato

Ernesto Neto

Awesome artist, I love how full of light and softness his works are.

Henrique Oliveira

This man is just amazing and I feel like reality is bursting apart. Henrique Oliveira check out his site and google him under images for other work not shown on his web page. Amazing amazing amazing

I know…. I’m a bad blogger. In fact the only reason I am posting today is because I’m at home sick, and confined to the couch. So where have I been and what am I doing these days? You may want to know and all I can say is a lot of prep work and personal growth.

I am trying to push my work in a new direction, get things figured out and experiment. I have had some successes and feel positive that I will have amazing work to show you and the grad schools I am applying for.

YES it is that time of the year again, application time. But also holiday craft sale time too. I am pretty sure to be selling at the Crafty Wonderland Holiday sale this year and will post again when I get the confirmation, but rest assured I will be selling again no matter what. I just had to take the summer off to dig a little deeper and make some good work. Work will be getting fired in December and images of the finished pieces will be posted on my flicker, so keep your eyes peeled.

Some other personal growth would be my health. I have started a new way of eating dedicated to my blood type. So far it’s been really positive. I have more energy, slowly but surly my weight is going down, and the funny thing is my skin looks better. I started taking up yoga, which is a struggle but I like it. I now practice yoga poses in the kitchen while I wait for my tea to seep. I am looking forward to the day where I can do some of the harder positions without tipping over.

So these are some amazing pictures and sites I have discovered. I love finding new inspiration so always feel free to send some eye candy my way.

Oh p.s. Watch Food Inc. It will change your world.

Nicolette Camille

I love this girl Nicolette Camille. I feel landscapes in her flower arrangments.

Kevin Bauman

My favorite new site by photographer Kevin Bauman. I love looking at homes and especially homes that are abandoned and waiting for a new owner to love them, like a puppy.

Another new fave is Rene Noir. It's a group of people who blog about artists and shows. It has an amazing collection of artworks that will blow your socks off.

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