Wednesday, February 3, 2010

gwendolyn yoppolo and Kevin Snipes

I was lucky enough to see a demonstration from Gwendolyn Yoppolo and Kevin Snipes today. I took a few photos which are currently on my flickr. I am still kicking myself for not taking more pictures especially of Gwendolyn’s work; her matte crystalline glazes are very juicy and much better in person. I especially liked her mugs; she makes great handles. Both artists explained their techniques well and gave me some food for thought.

It was an unexpected treat to meet and talk with Kevin Snipes one of my favorite functional artists. I like the light humored dialogue of his pots and his execution of drawing in relation to the form. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future, perhaps at NCECA?

I found some images I took before the Crafty Wonderland Sale of some cups. I know more cups “whoop dee do” but I like making cups, it’s almost an obsession. I’ll post something different as soon as I can.


Megan said...

those cups are HOT! I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE them!!!!

Neenuh said...

I got a cup from you at Crafty Wonderland and I'm interested in buying another piece for a friend's birthday. I accidentally recycled your card before I made note of your email address... could you link me to your etsy page or website so I could pick something out?


deborah said...

do you use something besides glaze to paint your dishes? it looks almost like pens...beautiful, by the way.

jennie nuttall said...

I love love your pottery pieces! Im a houston artist who came across ur work on another blog website called brown paper bag. Ive catually met a few people in houston who are love your work too! Are you showing any where in Houston? or Texas even? I would love to purchase a piece !!!!! it would be awsome to hear from you!