Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crafty Wonderland!

This Sunday December 13th, I will be selling my ceramics at the Super Colossal Holiday Sale. Its going to be an amazing event with over 200 super talented artists and crafters, goodie bags for the first 200 visitors and DIY tables for adults and children to sit down and get crafty.
This will be my last ceramics sale of the season. Sorry no studio sale this year, too many things have come up so I hope you can make it to this event. I have lots of new work fresh from the kiln and my booth buddy Drea will have some new embroidery.

So besides the craft sale I am also in the mists of applying for graduate school. It’s a stressful process and I cannot wait until I have sent them off with my fingers crossed. I’m trying not to be too heart bent on getting excepted in case I don’t, but after the process you go though and all the money you send with each application, its easily comparable to the experience of a date “for a guy”. Ether it’s going to be a great pay off with a future relationship or a total disappointment leaving an emotional mark and a hole in your wallet.

After this year is over I already have dreams of what I am going to do, no nothing glamorous but truly necessary. I’m going to seriously CLEAN MY HOUSE. It’s amazing how things get prioritized and cleaning the home starts to loose its place on the ladder of importance with approaching deadlines and piles work. But while I drive to work I daydream of what I will organize and clean first and also the most ingenuitive way to do it. Thus far my most prized idea is buying a round brush attachment for the power dill, making a paste out of baking soda and cleaning out my tub. I really think this is a brilliant idea; it’s like a super dooper eclectic toothbrush but for the bathtub and tile. Kyle thinks I’m crazy for needing to use a drill to scrub the tub but I know if this works, I’ll be a genius. No need to be turned off by my lack of modesty, sometimes you just have to marvel at your own genius. So just you wait till January when I tell you all how amazing it works and I might even get a photo of me, the power dill, and our purple tub.

So Happy Holidays everyone and I’ll be posting next year.

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Megan said...

Woah! If that drill thing works let me know! I totally need a super duper brush for mine. (tell Kyle he should clean it if he thinks you're crazy ;-)

Where are you applying to grad schools? I've been thinking about such an endeavor... maybe next year... :-)

Happy Holidays Michelle!