Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Solo Rocker

So I'm a bit of a homebody, not because I don't like to go out but I get working on something and before I know it, my day is over. However one afternoon I received a text message from Emily urging me to see Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero's for the ending tour show for only ten dollars! Even I knew I would be a fool not to go. But as it was a last minute decision I wasn’t able to find anyone to accompany me. “Well that doesn’t matter I will have a good time for sure”, I assured myself.

Now because I was worried the show would sell out, I went early. Ahhh little did I know this was not the case. Word of advice to me next time, bring reading material. After the first band, which was good, I decided to take a trip to the gas station, make sure I had enough gas to get home. This idea was supported by the fact the second band was not so good. Now because I had been standing next to a speaker my brain was a little rattled so what did I do? Locked my keys in the car, oh yes!

After the show, 1:30am

After an hour Triple A came and popped open my car “Yay.” I then rushed back to the show worried I missed the band I came to see. Luckily I got back right as they where setting up. I had an awesome time, got a hug from a nice group of folks, high-fived a band member on stage, and couldn’t hear right for the remainder of the night. The show was probably the best I have ever gone to, so from now on friend accompaniment or not I'm going out.

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