Wednesday, September 30, 2009

photo experiance reaffired

Taking good images of your work is essential for artists, especially if you want to be a successful one at that. About a week ago my friend Drea sent me to look at her website show casing pictures of her work. I took one look, halted and did a double take. “Oh Honey,” I said to myself, “I need to help this girl out”.
So after dropping off some of her pieces at my place I got to work in taking pictures and photoshopin. But what this experience reaffirmed for me is that a photo is a first impression and you must present your work in the best way possible or no one is going to take notice. Above is a detail of one of her pieces I took a photo of, which I think is darling. Anyways take good photos!

On another topic:
I just had an amazing idea, so gather near and listen carefully. …….. Calendars! That’s right, C A L E N D A R S.
For all of us crafty/arty business folk, Christmas is our hottest time of the year. So wouldn’t it be great for a few artists to collaborate in designing a calendar? Then each artist would make an order for however many they wanted. Think about it, having a cool little calendar to sell along with his or her work at the craft show. How adorable and sweet is that. Mighty sweet I think.
I don’t know, I thought it was a brilliant idea and it could be done every year with a different theme. I think it would be fun and also cut down on the cost by splitting the printing prices. So it may happen soon, sweet little calendars by art buddies and me. I’ll keep you posted.

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