Monday, September 14, 2009

Finger Snapin & Craft Fair Vendin

These are some new pieces that I thought made a great group shot together. On the cups I am starting to cut away the clay at the base between the little knobby feet in attempts to merge the form and drawings together. Playing around with the cutting and warping of the forms has been a lot of fun experimentation. Plus I am learning more about how my glazes work on these new surfaces.

I have more images loaded on my flicker and hopefully more to come after that. It was a perfect overcast day for photos yesterday, if only I had a tripod for my camera.

Last Saturday at the Belmont Street Fair I received some wonderful feedback from individuals interested in my work. Such encouraging words really helps reaffirm what I do as an artist. So to all of you who support me, thank you.

Now there is however those other people, yes those people who have the need to slather their nasty opinions all over my happy day. I think such persons feel they are giving me helpful advise but by telling me my work is not a good investment, that its not worth that much because its not bigger or on a wall is just unnecessary. I know hearing things like this is going to be an on going battle my whole life, but it’s still not easy to stomach.

Now as to why I make pottery and not sculpture or hangable art is like asking why does an artist make anything? Because they have some reason, or uncontrollable need to make that thing and I just so happen to love making functional ceramic art. So there… head nod and a few snaps of my fingers in yo face.


Megan said...

I LOVE the way you are cutting into the clay to play with the drawing and form more. Love it! It's a great step forward in a new-but-related direction.

About "those" people: There will always be those people. I get almost the exact same feedback from people. Some people don't even act like they are being nice, just critical. As long as we know why we are making what we make, that's what counts.

That said, it would be nice for me to have some "bread and butter" items that cost less and take less work but make a wider profit percentage... How would we do such a thing when we like one-of-a-kind treasures? Limited edition? Hrmm... something I think about a lot. Don't worry about what "those" people say, anyway. Maybe they will be helpful someday if you ask for advice. Just ignore them for now (I'm trying) and stick with your very logical, practical and inspiring reasons for making what you make. xo

Michelle Summers said...

Bread and butter I've tried and sometimes I think it can be a little stale. I haven't had a lot of luck but then I think it can work if it's well thought out and clever. But for me I find its best to stick to what you love, eventually everyone will come around ;) Miss you guys!

Kelly said...

Why make functional, one-of-a-kind art?!!? Because it's important and matters and fleshes out the nooks and crannies that non-functional/wall-hanging art will never reach.
As a card-carrying and struggling BFA (metals/jewelry), I am inspired by the level of craft and concept you're working on. I was so glad I decided to attend the Crafy Wonderland Sale and was able to walk away with a piece of functional fine art. Keep up the good work!