Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beaten over the head with an artist bio


Have I ever mentioned how painful it is to write an artist bio about yourself. Its similar to chewing on tin foil, makes me shutter just thinking about it. So to get some ideas I am researching other artists bios and artist statements and all the while wondering, is this really how they feel or what they think about? Do all other artists have these deep motivations because I don't! My thoughts revolve around being happy, have a sense of humor, enjoy life and don't forget to recycle and reduce. I realize I sound like a card found by the checkout counter or part of a Saturday morning public announcement commercial but I really just make work based on my current whims of interest. I wonder if I could get away with "I live to make and I make to live."

I just wandered across Jane Almirall's web page on the Internet and really enjoyed this drawing of hers. I am going though a bird faze but who isn't really?


Megan said...

You've just inspired today's blog entry I think. Thanks!!

Michelle Summers said...

Meg, my pleasure! I look forward to the read ;)