Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog Hopping

Artists that made my day yesterday:

Elizabeth Neel

Os Gemeos

To get my mind back onto a working order I went on a search for some creative juice. I started by trekking through blogs which lead to other blogs, and then to sites listed from those blogs and on and on and on. It was quite an adventure to see where I ended up and what I found. One such amazing find was this site, the Drawing Center . Its endless amazing stimulus from hundreds of artists that where juried to be on the site. So I found a good amount of compelling imagery to feed off of. Its helped me think about how I layout my images on pots and rethinking form quite a bit. Anyways if you get in a mental pooper go to this site and get juiced up!

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Lisa said...

I busted my ass to see some Os Gemeos graffiti when I was in Sao Paulo but to no avail. le sigh.