Saturday, July 25, 2009

Head Full of Felt

I found a new art love, artist Joseph Hart. I love the airy spaces, the stacks of shapes, objects, additions of cut out paper bits and his drawing. Joseph's webpage link is now in my 2D artists list if you want to go have a gander at his other work. It is well worth the effort.

Currently I'm in a bit of a creative and motivational slump. I can't seem to pull myself together. The moment I sit down to get busy in my studio I go blank of all ideas and stare at my materials like they are mysterious objects. It seems this summer my brain is on a long lunch break. Remedy anyone?
I'm frustrated a bit, but I will persevere. I've got to. Grad applications are right around the corner and I want a new body of work.

So one of my favorite people Rebecca Baldwin sent me a care gift package filled with various colors of wool and a felting needle. I was over come with happiness, I've been thinking of doing a little felting but couldn’t bring myself to invest in all the tools and materials. Especially since I already have so many other crafty art interests. So excited I was, I took some wool and my felting needle to the pub with me and felted while visiting with an old friend. I know drinking and sharp objects should not go together, but I was just too excited to show you all my efforts.

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