Monday, July 27, 2009

Early Morning

Saturday I had my high school reunion where I drank a little too much, but had a great time over all. Sunday I was in hangover recovery from the event and slept in past noon. Now you see at this point I have completely messed up my sleeping schedule so now here I am at 4am in the morning writing a blog post, sketching, and in a moment about to go do some work in the studio. Why? Because for the last 4 hours I have been laying in bed awake and brain storming ideas like crazy. So why bother trying to sleep when I don't even have work tomorrow and have a head full of ideas? I should just get up and start my day or at least try to tire myself out so I can get some sleep in a matter of hours then right? So here I am and ready to share these couple of artist that I found and really enjoy.

Jen Garrido

Now i love these paintings. They remind me of the scraps of paint I would peel off of my painting pallet and lay in my sketch book because the random layering of the dried paint remnants was so pretty to me. I love them.

Tove Jansson

She was a Finnish novelist, illustrator, and painter. I adore these little characters which remind me of the Miyazaki films and a bit of Marc Chagall's paintings. I wonder if there is a correlation or do all cute things come from the same place of transcending thought. Hummm.

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