Monday, April 20, 2009

Bright Beaming Bowling Ball Breasts

Ahh the constant struggles with technology. Our computer got a nasty virus and everything had to be wiped. Bad news, I never backed up my images and info on a hard drive. No need to lecture me! I have done a through job scolding myself these past two weeks. I do have some images on cd's or saved via the internet but most everything is gone. But I feel good things will come of this like turning a new leaf. I am going to buy a Mac laptop and "of course" an external hard drive to responsibly back up my info from now on.

I know my family is going to heckle me to death about being a trendy Wendy, but just about everyone I know with a Mac (which are all artists) swears on a bible they are greatest computers IN THE WORLD and have no problems with viruses. So in a matter of days, I will be the proud owner of a sexy new laptop Mac. I have a feeling it will be one of the best purchases I’ll have ever made. There is no talking me out of it, my mind is set and my wallet is burning with the consumer spend lust.

Now on to art. As you my readers have noticed, I have an ever-growing link list of artists and blogs. I want to take a moment to point out a few of my favorite sites. Firstly I have been enjoying the playful vibrant world of Matt Wedel. His work gives me the itch to walk away from functional work and make sculptures instead. I love the big babies and crystal flower growths. Everyone should take a moment to check out his gorgeous website.

My other find this week is this blog Somethings Hiding In Here written by an artist couple that pulls at my heartstrings at how darling they and their work is. I enjoyed venturing though their posts and suggest you check out the etsy video on their blog. It showcases their loft home they have renovated in Philly, and it’s a dream dwelling to behold.



these are so so cool!

Michelle Summers said...

Thanks Erin, I think so too!