Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bloomington Art Fever

I’m alive! It’s true, I was feverishly busy finishing up work for the show that is now on display at the Bloomington Clay Studio until May 1st. It was a lot of work, but after everything was said and done I had a moment of reverence at my little accomplishment and thought “how could I ever do anything else than this?” The work shop I gave was great fun and the show opening was just as good. If you want to see more images of the event go to my Flickr page and have a look see at the group of images from the event. Many of the rockin photos where taken by Kim Fernandez. I will be adding many more images of the artwork in the show to the fickr account soon, so stay tuned.

This is a picture of the workshop in progress. All the participants are intently listening to my lecture of how to paint color onto bisque ware. Behind us is my show set up on the walls.

While I was in Bloomington I had a great time getting to know the charismatic people that make up the Bloomington Clay Studio gang. It’s a wonderful community working there in the ceramics studio and I wish could have visited with them longer. But it’s truly a relief to be home again and catching up on cleaning and organizing all that I ignored for the past few months. You can't believe how out of sorts one’s dwelling can get so fast.

Speaking of fast, I look at how time speedily spindles its self into these long threads that create the fabric of our pasts and I can’t hardly believe how I made it this far or all the things I’ve done. Life is crazy but I’m just glad to be moving forward.


ashdebeaula said...


You should feel very proud. I am sorry I could not come. I have had teaching and some events here that I had to attend. I always love seeing your work. The stories and paintings are wonderful. I love the installation you did. I can't wait to see more pics. Great Job!


Michelle Summers said...


THANK YOU! I don't mind that you couldn't come, I was flattered that you even though of traveling that far to attend. I can't wait to post more pics soon too. MISS YOU GUYS

Megan said...

Beautiful work! I wish I could go to the show and I hope to attend one of your workshops in the future. By the way, will you be out east this summer?

Michelle Summers said...


I would like to come out east and visit people, vacation but who knows. I miss all you guys so much!

ashdebeaula said...

Partay in Buffalo this summer. We should all (and I mean everybody and yo mama!)get together when the closing on the house happens. if it can happen that would be so great. and any way who is better at the art of relaxating than J and I?