Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Refrigerate your artwork

I dreamed last night about show casing my ceramics in an old retro refrigerator and kitchen cupboards. People had to open the refrigerator in order to find the artwork inside. Some of the ceramics even had blueberries and salads in them to show off their beauty and functionality. The show looked like snoopy house guests inspecting the wares or looking for stashed loot. While some people took turns reading the artist statement posted on the refrigerator with alphabet magnets, others puzzled over the narratives of the cups and plates in the cupboards. I think this is a future show that must happen, don’t you?

So my featured artists of the day are the magical creators at
Apak Studios
here in Portland Oregon. Their fantastical world makes me want bike around Portland with rose colored glasses looking for the portal into this other realm. The brilliant colors and light hearted mirth of these images melts my heart. I have yet to buy a print, but they are totally affordable on line at etsy. Please visit their website as it’s a treat to explore. I hope one day to meet this dynamic duo and if I should, I hope I don’t make an ass out of myself.

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