Monday, October 6, 2008

3 states + 6 days = good times!

My summer trip went fast but it was fantastic! I had 6 days of looking at graduate schools and visiting old friends. I had a wonderful time in Alfred visiting friends and exploring Cara's cabinets full of handmade pottery. It’s always an inspiration to see and feel the different methods and surfaces of handmade pottery. Each pot has a different personality reflecting the people who made them. My other diversion in Alfred was pillaging the local antique stores that are awesomely cheep.

After Alfred I swung up to Buffalo for a fine evening of margaritas and craft night with Ashley and Jay. The Mexican restaurant we ate at had great food, so so service and to my amusement was a partly renovated Denny’s. Jay’s Margarita was more like a bowl of liquor as you can see.

After a night of “party!” I drove down to Bloomington Indiana to see Shu-Mai and Daniel of the Bloomington Clay Studio. They where awesome hosts and gave me a wonderful tour of the town and Indiana University. I don’t think anyone else could have done a better job of winning over my heart to this town. Daniel made us an amazing dinner worthy of a fine restaurant, Daniel you rock. After some good food, company, and conversation I returned home to start working again, and with lots to think about.

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megan said...

It makes me feel so happy and sad to see Ash and Jordan! I miss those guys. They look exactly the same!!! I meant to see them this summer but many things happened at once and we were inable to meet up. So sad! Thanks for the post!