Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thunder Gray Photo Attack

I’m gearing up for the coming months of craft fairs and studio sales. Making deadlines for my self is painful. Focusing to make work and not play work is more painful. Credit card tools, priceless!

Yesterday I newly discovered more love of my credit card tools. They are great for wet trimming and shaping. I had a blast playing around with different cut card shapes to us in pushing the clay around and apply patters.

Today I’m off to pick up my first back drop in thunder gray and set up for picture taking. I’m fantastically long over due for taking pictures of my work. Kyle would call my procrastination my super hero weakness, it totally is.


megan said...

Your new work looks SOOOOO awesome. How did the show go?

mich+mash said...

Megan, thaks! The gallery open house was great, or so Shu-Mai said. My solo show will be this spring and I am really excited. I will be posting lots of photos in January of the new work. Happy day.