Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pottery dream googles

I wish I could take a camera with me into the dream worlds I venture in the early hours of my morning slumber. The places I go and the people I meet are so fantastical it breaks my heart when the memories of those dreams fade and disappear. I think a lot of my work is homage to such journeys. The bowl above is an illustrated piece of a girl returning to the real world from the garden of dreams being watched by her spirit animal.

This geode plate is part of a new body of work that will be used as part of a larger assembled work. I am rather fond of these new plates.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


As usual, life moves pretty fast. I am nearing the end of my 3rd semester of grad school and I don't even know how it happened. My work is making slow progression, and hopefully in a new exciting direction.

I am going to be showing some of my new work at the Circa Gallery December 15th as part of an exciting ceramic event, Winter Ware: A Pottery Dessert Formal. If you are in Minneapolis you should stop in and check it out.


Paula Hayes

Nicole Wermers

Friday, April 6, 2012

Progress Report:

I have finally adapted to my life here in the twin cities and just in time for summer. I recently started bike commuting to school, which I surprisingly love. I also am going to try my hand at gardening. I will surly be posting about that in the future and hopefully with good news of a bountiful harvest, "fingers crossed".

Here are a few images of cups I pulled out of the kiln a few weeks ago.

More images of new post are posted on my flickr, so be sure to check that out.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where is all my time going?

Or be all three I say.

My first year of grad school has sped by and is nearly over! Only two more years to go and I know they will go by in no time. But as end of this term nears so does the start of summer which is already temping me with warm weather and the smells of plants and earth waking up from the snowy Minnesota winter.

So sitting in my studio glazing pots is becoming a bit painful as all I want to do is go out, bask in the sun, and enjoy myself. But not yet, ahhh the agony. However I am excited to see the fruits of my labor out of the kiln next week.

Eye candy was supplied by sophiemunns.tumblr.com, thank you Seed Capsules

I heart rocks, big time

I really don't know what this is, but the colors are amazing

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Chapters

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh start to the New Year. Yes that’s right, I’m back on the blog wagon, in fact I have a wagon train of things I'm getting back on board with and I couldn’t be more excited.

Things I love:

This is one of my new books, which is fabulous and is going to take permanent residence in my studio as reference material. There are some of the most gorgeous illustrated educational charts for botany and zoology I have seen in this bad boy, so you should take a look.

Alyson Fox

What can I say, Alyson Fox is a genius.

Art and design studio CTRLZAK

Ceramic eye candy, a must.

Studio fright, I’ve got a small case of it. I walk into the studio and my ideas freeze, which has got to come to an end right away. Tomorrow I am giving myself a set goal for the day and see how it fairs. I think part of the problem is I just don’t want to start the not so fun work of making molds and testing slips.
Current studio beats: Janelle Monae

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I need sleep

John Gill

Willem De Kooning


I can’t sleep, or sleep well I should specify. Its been like this since I arrived to Minneapolis. All I do is lay in bed and think about making pots, conversations from class and a myriad of other things. Until I moved here it was as if my thoughts had been on mute and suddenly someone put the volume back on. It’s fantastic having ideas bouncing around my noggin again but at night, all I can do is bang my head against my pillow and scream “at myself” to shut the hell up, mentally.
Things on my mind tonight;

Pottery, how to better use and apply empty space on pots so the dialogue can be read and flow better. I have a terrible habit of trying to put everything into one pot and in the process I smother the poor thing with my love of decoration. Like stickers, you can go too far real fast.

Glazing, again less is more. Perhaps not fill in all the drawing with color but and leave something to be discovered upon closer investigation. What do I want people to see first and discover later? Should I limit my color pallet a bit?

When am I going to do my laundry? I should wake up early and do that, but I NEED TO GET TO SLEEP FIRST, sleep Michelle, SLEEP!

On and on the mental banter goes.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long time no post

Alexis Anne Mackenzie

New love of my life Alexis Anne Mackenzie

Gregory Euclide

I am also getting gooey eyed for this guy Gregory Euclide. I feel like He and Alexis are meant to be friends.

I feel that sometimes in order to grow you need to sacrifice, to leave your comfort zone, to venture into the unknown, like Star Trek. I am doing just that here in Minneapolis, a new city and not a familiar friend or family member to be had. I am into my third week of the term and already had many amazing “ahhh haw” moments. It sometimes feels like I am waking up from a blissful slumber and found out I had an exciting journey awaiting me.

However I do have the moments where I wish I were home, visiting/laughing with my sister or learning how to can some new fruit this year with my Mom. Its heart braking to think of the things and people I left to come here. But I do remind myself of why I am here, and that its an amazing opportunity.

Side note: Making new friends is hard. I totally forgot that. But I am working on it, studio tea party is in the works for tomorrow with budding new buddies.

News: The relaunch of my etsy store has been a success and I will continue to post new pots soon.